Vulnerability Assessment


SITEC provide both internal vulnerability scanning and external vulnerability monitoring as a service to UK businesses of all sizes.
Why Vulnerability Management as a Service?
Standard vulnerability scans and penetration tests are ‘Point in Time’ assessments, this means that your network could be scanned today and have no vulnerabilities, but tomorrow, a vulnerability could be disclosed for one of your services, leaving your company exposed to unwanted threats until your next yearly scan. 
How Are Vulnerability Scans Performed?
Internal Vulnerability Scanning
At SITEC, our ongoing vulnerability assessment and management of internal devices uses specialist software together with human interaction from our experienced security professionals. This allows us to deliver actionable vulnerability insight for your organizational cyber risk management program.
Internal vulnerability monitoring is performed using software agents that are installed on the endpoints and can extend to remote device or sites using host scanners installed on specific devices
The external vulnerability managed service assesses the security of external networks, systems, applications and infrastructure devices to identify weaknesses that can be leveraged by attackers to gain unauthorized access to your systems.
Service includes all licensing and implementation.
SITEC Vulnerability management service is an ongoing, monthly or quarterly vulnerability assessment of your organization’s external and/or internal assets.
This service includes alerting, reporting and consultation which includes a rescan for validation of remediated vulnerabilities.
Please note: frequency of assessments may be adjusted to suit your requirements and can be carried out weekly, monthly, or quarterly (pricing will be adjusted accordingly).
The key benefits of this are:
•    Fast identification and classification on security vulnerabilities/weaknesses
•    Establishing best practice vulnerability management throughout your digital estate
•    Reduced risk of security vulnerabilities leading to a successful cyber attack
•    Custom reporting and proactive identification of potential impacts
•    Single point of contact for management of vulnerabilities
•    Ongoing consultation on remediation of identified vulnerabilities
•    Continual Service Improvement using proven processes
Breakdown of Services
SITEC provide a wide coverage for vulnerability assurance our ongoing Vulnerability assessments are divided into 3 categories, these are:
•    Internal Network Assessment
•    External Network Assessment
•    Web Application Assessment
These services can be purchased individually or as a bundle.
Consultation and advice will be provided for remediation of any identified vulnerabilities by an experienced security professional. 3 hours of remote remediation is included per month. See pricing for any additional support.
All assessments includes real-time email alerting of newly identified Critical and High vulnerabilities along with a monthly report of all vulnerabilities detected.
If immediate validation of remediated vulnerabilities is required additional assessments can be requested.
One free rescan is provided each month. All additional scans requested within a given month will be chargeable, see ‘Pricing’ for more information.