Data Protection

Backup Data Protection: Information is a valuable resource, and it should be secured from loss, stealing, unauthorized modification, and other damages. Therefore, to protect your data from numerous threats, SITEC is at your service.
We have experience of many years in deploying highly efficient enterprise data protection and backup solutions. Hence, our experts offer data security systems on an individual design that utilizes the latest innovations in this sphere with time-proven techniques.

Moreover, we offer full data protection in case of a combination of software and hardware means. Our experts also provide real-time data archiving and backup with easy data recovery mechanisms. We help in:
•    Keeping the data flow backed up in the real-time mode.
•    Easy restoring of data from backup copies in case of system failure.
•    Reduce risks of financial losses due to the missing crucial commercial restoration.
•    Reduce the time required for data system recovery.
•    Automate backup and protection processes.
•    Minimize risks related to the human factor.
•    Eliminate accidental data loss.
•    Recover quickly from ransomware, virus, or other malicious attacks.
•    Prevent data corruption.

Protect your systems, applications, and data, physically as well as virtually or on the cloud. The broad and flexible portfolio of SITEC will let you choose the speed at which you recover your data to meet business-driven SLAs, as well as choose your levels of protection

Data cater protection

Physical and virtual server’s protection

Data Storage system

Email data protection and archiving

Endpoint data protection

Cloud Backup