Managed Cloud Services

Enterprises are searching for a more cost-effective way to deliver their services by leveraging the Cloud. SITEC have designed Managed Cloud Services to help clients manage the complexities of multi-vendor Private Cloud and multi service provider public cloud. SITEC managed cloud services cover on-prem private cloud architecture with the full and seamless integration with leading public cloud giants that are providing cloud services such as Infrastructure As a Service (IAS) Platform As a Service (PAS) and Software As a Service (SAS).

Managed Cloud Services enables your Enterprise to meet the Business Requirement and ensure that the Compute, Storage, Platform and Application Services are:

  • Usage optimization

  • Available.

  • Efficient.

  • Scalable.

  • Secure.

  • Well Managed.

  • And Cost Effective.

SITEC’s IT team has the required competence expertise to cover the following Azure service categories:

  • Azure Compute

  • Azure Containers

  • Azure DevOps

  • Azure Migration

  • Azure Storage

  • Azure Database

  • Azure Analytics

  • Azure AI + Machine Learning

  • Azure Internet of Things

  • Azure Networking

  • Azure Security

  • Azure Identity

  • Azure Web

  • Azure Management and Governance

Our Azure experts will take over:

  • Administrating your Azure services.

  • Configuring your Azure resources.

  • Managing data flows going through Azure.

  • Backing up the data stored in your Azure resources.

  • Azure evolution

  • Azure compliance

  • Azure cybersecurity

  • Azure usage optimization

  • Azure monitoring 24/7

  • Azure administration and troubleshooting

  • Addressing the issues resulting from application and server misconfigurations, server overloads, and investigating event logs to find the root causes of incidents and prevent them from reappearing.